Philosophy Class

"The Truth will make you odd."

                      Argumentum ad absurdum

Argumentum ad absurdum:

Or it is called:  reducio ad



Try the following logic on your

friends, and enemies. 


(Your friends may turn to enemies if

they are subjected to your razor

sharp reason.)  


This is an argument that gets the

blood flowing in the illogical and

emotional when they can't stand

your answers, or they have no

refutation to what you deduce.  

Always remember, "The truth will

make you odd." 

Learn to take the heat when you are

right !


The argument we are using is also

can be called "reducio ad

absurdum."  -  argument to absurity

or to reduce to absurdity.

This argument shows that the

principles (basic root of his system of thought) of

your opponent neccesarily leads to

a contradiction or a ridiculous conclusion. 




used by some who want to justify what cannot

be justified):


They (opponents) use the word "extreme" as 

a word to set you off balance and for you

to let them hold their principle w/out complaint

from you while permitting them not to take their

belief to its logical conclusion.

Some people say, "Well abortion at 3 months is

O.K., but at 6 months or 7 abortion is



They use the term extreme.. However, if

abortion is OK at 3 months, it is logically OK at 6

or 7 months. It's the same being, same baby,

not a different being.


If the logical application of the argument is not

what the opponent wishes, then so be it. 


He does want abortion at 3 months, but not at 6,

so he thinks he can get away with his irrational

belief by using the term "extreme" instead of

recognizing the truth of the logical conclusion of

his basic belief.


He can't have his cake and eat it too.




Your opponents may not like it at all when you

say this.. So what?  Truth is what it is.. Like it or



(Socrates had to drink the hemlock for the truth

he told)               


2. Example 2 of "extreme" used in phoney way:

Some people will say to you "All morality is



Then you could logically hold a gun on them and

say the following:





"I know it is.. Hand me your money and your car

keys.   I want a nice car, so I'm taking your



The person says, "By subjective I didn't mean

that extreme to which you are planning to go!"  


You say, "Extreme?   I am only being  logical, for

my subjective morality says for you to hand car

and money over to me.   Also my subjective

morality says I can shoot you if you don't !"

 Hopefully this will be enough either to " 1. Make

the opponent furious. 




Not everyone will like you or accept this 

refutation. Which leaves the implementation of 

these principles up to you to use or not...