Philosophy Class

"The Truth will make you odd."

  Dr. J. rejects Rand's "Objectivism"


A dear friend of mine, Dr. J., one of

my partners in "crime" from

Pennsylvania, was a follower of Ayan

Rand back in the 1960's . At that

time there was a sizeable cult

following of her ideas in reaction to

the Marxism which was inhabitting

the Universities and its friendship

with the emerging "hippy"



As Dr. J.  grew more thoughtful, he

rejected her thoughts for the

reasons he gives below.  One thing

he told me is that she claims to be

an Aristotilian, but really isn't. 


(Your Web Philosopher's opinion of


Rand is a better critic of Marxism

than a constructor of a system of

philosophy.  Her best book is We the

Living.  not Atlas Shrugged nor The


Anthem  well shows a good criticism

of collectivism.  If you look at her

life story, part of it quite selfish and

hurtful of her husband and friends.

In her life selfishness does NOT

seem to be a virtuous. (reference to

her book The Virtue of

Selfishness. ))




Notes from Dr. J. Philosophy prof. *

in answer to my request, regarding

his reasons for embracing and then

rejecting the Philosophy of Ayan

Rand which is called "Objectivism".

What made Rand's philosophy


1 anti-collective state.


2. romantic vision of man as a

creature of free will and reason.


3. "heroic image" of man as individual

against collective.


4. ideas are serious to her.


5. her support of Aristotle.


6. powerful writer of fiction.



Reasons for abandoning


1. "selfish" ethic


2. Atheism


3. No room for compassion,




4. Fiction is not real - it's a lie

especially very good fiction


5. "existence does not

exist" (as she says) but it must

have a Prime Cause, as she

denies therefore she is



*Name altered for privacy