Philosophy Class

"The Truth will make you odd."

                  "Dukeland" Socialist Utopia

               This illustration is dedicated to our beloved

friend and Socialist Supreme, Duke.

 (We introduced you to him on "Cell Phone Blues")

We love you Duke, even though you think you

 can change human nature... 




Hope for what? Change to WHAT?


Thinking people want to know what

 is the object of the change or hope.


When a friend (or a politician)

promises you something, Find out


exactly what it is. 

Define "change".   Define "hope".

Find out what kind of specific change


you want.


Find out what you are hoping

for, and then ask do you really want


Like Jonathan Smith said to me,

"Does he mean change your


Well I couldn't tell him.




                          Religous Statements


What is the religious statements made by this collage.


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