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"The Truth will make you odd."


The Nazi's 1933.



Heidegger is supposed to be the guy behind the x.




Young Heidegger

The group picture proports that the man with the x in front of him is Martin Heidegger.. Wouldn't be surprised.... if it is.. Looks like his pictures.  The smaller version of this same picture claims (in German) Heidegger is in the picture.

 Martin Heidegger was "all the rage" in some univerities in the 1980's and beyond.   The facts are that he was a member of the Nazi Party from 1933 to 1945, and he never renouced the Nazi ideals. It is also true that his Nazi connections were, well, let us say "not known" in these universities. (It would be judgemental to say what I really think, which is the Nazi connections were "hidden" from students.) 

After I graduated, I wrote a letter to the editor of the student newspaper at XXX University. (Name omitted to protect the guilty).  I wrote that Heidegger was a Nazi and gave a quote from The Gods Of Atheism by Micelli that  sometime in the second decade of the 20th century  Heidegger said :...


"The German people are like fish swimming in

a stream.  They should be plunged into



AND PLUNGED INTO DREAD THEY WERE.. ( First and Second World Wars..and between.)

Some at the school, to which I wrote, replied to my newspaper letter and accused me of "using erroneous grammar" and other things I don't remember.  My so called "grammatical error" was turning a noun into a verb or visa versa, (can't remember.)  I guess my critic never heard of neologisms.

No matter how angry some were about my letter, no one proved that Heidegger was NOT a Nazi.  Why ? Because Heidegger WAS a Nazi.!

Hey, I just remembered, didn't Aristotle way back in the ancient day say that the "I accuse you of bad grammar" tactic was a form of "missing the point at issue"?. 

If we had the internet  back in the day of the 1980's, every one would have known the historical facts regarding Heidegger.. Now all we have to do is Google this :  " Heidegger was a Nazi"


Look below to finds 2 links.


Here is what some socialists say.. Very good article whether you generallty like their opinions or not.


Here's one from a blunt blogger. 


Heidegger and Hitler:   Hitler believed in the Over Man and the Under Man.   Over Man or Superman: powerful intelligent warrior.   Underman: every day man who plods through life acomplishing little..

Heidegger believed in the Authentic Man and Das man:    Authentic Man creates, takes chances, forges history. Das man is "Joe six pack"

Question:  What's the essential difference between Heidegger's Authentic Man and Hitler's Overman:   

ANSWER:   Essentially not much!


Question: What's the difference between Heidegger's Das Man and Hitler's Underman:  ANSWER:  Not essentially much!



Opinon :  I am sick, and tired of some of the apologists of Neitzche saying that Hitler didn't follow his philosophy ! Of course he did. And Heidegger was a big fan of Neitzche.   Read what Neitzche said about human beings like this:  Christians who say love your neighbor are weak... etc. etc.. ..    Neitzche's doctrines are not hidden.

But, if anyone tells you in glowing terms he reads Neitzche, tell him this:  LIFE IS SHORT, AND ART IS LONG!  DON"T WASTE TOO MUCH OF YOUR TIME, ON POISON LIKE NEITZCHE!  

 (Gosh, each time I spell Neitzche, I can't remember where z's and ch's begin or if it is ie or ei...I'm a philosopher not a spelling bee participant.  That's why God invented spell checkers.)

BONUS IMFORATION:  Heidegger began each class at the University with "Heil Hitler".

"Nazi Jerk"

Go to this article which answers the question like: How did a Nazi Jerk become so influential on modern philosophy?