Philosophy Class

"The Truth will make you odd."

         Man is more than Matter.. more than STUFF.

The CSI agent studies matter..  He seems dazzled.

 (See below about being dazzled.)



1. Aristotle on the reason why some only see material causes:

"We are dazzled by clear objects of nature, as owls are dazzled

by the light of the sun." : Aristotle's Metaphysics


2. One reason some of metaphysics is not grasped well is

supplied by Thomas Aquinas:" due to the weakness of the

intellect." Also the "Slenderest knowledge that may be obtained

of highest things is more desirable than certain knowledge of

the lesser"   Summa  -Question 1.   Fifth argument, Reply

Objection 1.


3. So-called modernists should study Aquinas, and they would

benefit from this statement about animate beings, i.e. animals:

"A body is either animate or inanimate; and an animal body is

manifestly nobler than any inanimate being. But an animal body

is not animate precisely as a body; otherwise all bodies would

be animate." Q. 3 Art 1, Sed Contra.



4. The above should tell us also that intellect and consciousness

are not conscious precisely as a body (material) ; otherwise all

bodies would be conscious. We could also add other human

attributes such as reasoning and self reflection, for they are not

that way because they are bodies, for then all bodies would be

reasoning and self  reflecting.. Ergo... There is an added

reality to the material which makes man as man.


5. Self consciousness in not caused by matter, for if it were, all 

material beings would be self conscious.   A being cannot give

what itself or another what it does not have. 


Matter in itself does not have self consciousness, nor can it's

parts be organized into a way to give itself  something higher

than what it has in itself. 


Matter, therefore cannot beget consciousness.    (let

consciousness mean self consciousness here


Consciousness and matter are totally different kinds of


Matter is the less perfect having only the property of existing

with no consciousness in itself - 

SO, matter cannot give rise to something more perfect than itself

like consciousness from itself. ONE CANNOT GIVE WHAT ONE

DOES NOT HAVE.  ERGO, consciousness does not arise from

matter itself.


Reasoning cannot nor does not arise from matter alone.

Therefore,  since reason and intelligence do exist in our universe,

they come from other than matter.


 Since the most simple concepts are mostly the hardest to grasp

by us, I have stated this in different ways.  animation

(Aquinas) , self consciousness, and reason all are under these 

metaphysical laws.

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