Philosophy Class

"The Truth will make you odd."

Why Some Only Perceive Material Causes

Aristotle on the reason why some

only accept material causes:


"We are dazzled by clear objects of nature,

as owls are dazzled by the light of the sun."

Aristotle's  Metaphysics


One reason some of metaphysics is not

grasped well is supplied by Thomas



" due to the weakness of the intellect."


Also:     the"Slenderest knowledge that may

be obtained of highest things is more

desirable than certain knowledge of the

lesser" -Question 1. Fifth argument, Reply

Objection 1.



We  should study Aquinas;  we would

benefit from this statement about animate

beings, i.e. animals:


"A body is either animate or inanimate; and

an animal body is manifestly nobler than

any inanimate being. But an animal body is

not animate precisely as a body; otherwise

all bodies would be animate."

Q. 3 Art 1, Sed Contra.


The above should tell us also that intellect

and consciousness are not conscious

precisely as a body (material) ; otherwise

all bodies would be conscious. We could

also add other human attributes such as

reasoning and self reflection, for they are

not that way because they are bodies, for

then all bodies would be reasoning and self

reflecting.. Ergo... There is an added reality


to the material which makes man as man.