Philosophy Class

"The Truth will make you odd."



Guy with Pyrro on his mind

(and also on his back)


The "beach dweller" ( To call him a beach bum

is not nice) above said that what is on his back

was  "Pyrrhonism" 

I hope he is right, and it is not something else..

(I don't know. I don't "speak Greek")


According to what the ency. of philos. has to say

about Pyrro of Elis (360 B.C.)


Pyrro said,  Man should abstain from

pronouncing upon anything at all.


I don't think that the tatooed man above really

believes in Pyrro's philosophy, for he had

QUITE a lot to pronounce about the  lack of

fish at the beach that day!


But we digress:


Also from Pyrro of Elis: reason cannot give

certitude, for reasons are always forthcoming for

and against everything and every contention.

Sense-knowledge gives no reliable insight into

things in themselves.

(Sounds pretty modern doesn't it.)


Pyrro also believed that Tranquility of the Soul is

man's highest good. 


 It is said that his friends had to rescue Pyrro  

from falling into precipices and pits and from

getting bitten by dogs.


I don't think our friend above is willing to go as

 far as Pyrro, because there are fish to catch and

dogs on the beach to be avoided, as well as the

shark which chased him out of the water!


For info about Pyrro and later branch of his type

of theory called "Pyrrhonism", just Google or

look in the Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

(Every scholar should have the hard copy.)


Of course to Pyrro, your senses won't give you

any reliable information anyway, so don't bother

reading it. 


That is:  if there is such a thing as reading,

or such a thing as you for that matter. 

The answer, my friend is not  

"Blowin' in the Wind",