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"The Truth will make you odd."


True Story (substantially)

In a day and age before the Iphone and


Skype... long ago...  several years...

Two friends, let us call them Jay and Duke, live


3000 miles apart..


They frequently talk on the cell phone about


various and sundry philosophical topics.

Jay is a Thomist, a Classical Realist.


Duke is a Postmodern Skeptic.





Recently their phone conversation went like this.


Duke: Hi

Jay: I miss you, man.

Duke: Dittos.

Duke: I really don’t agree with your theory that

we can be certain about anything.

Really, Nothing is Certain.

Jay:  Are you certain about that?

Duke : Yes, I am certain.


Jay:  Well, you just violated the principle of




You say that you are certain that you are not

certain non-certain at the same time.

You can't be certain about absolute

certainty and..





 Duke: Why don’t you shove your principle of

non-contradiction #$(*&))(*%#. !!!!



Duke then hung up on poor Jay.


Comment and advice by your web

Philosopher :

It seems like Duke had to resort to the logical

fallacy of the appeal to violence,

which is thus:

If someone does not agree with you, you

threaten him with some kind of harm to make

him agree.. This is usually done by those who:


1. Don’t have a logical case.

2. Contradict themselves and can’t get out of

their dilemma.

3. People with a bad temper when it comes to

some philosophical problems.



Jay knows what happened to Socrates because

his opponents couldn’t disprove his arguments.

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